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Sixty-Six Productions

Be part of the Story

The John Patrick Shanley
Actor's Workshop

Produced in collaboration with The Lee Strasberg Creative Center, For The Actor, and Gentleman George Productions
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Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize winning writer and director John Patrick Shanley will select 12 actors to participate in a 4 day acting workshop. The actors will work with Shanley on up to 6 of his new plays. The actors will present the plays in Staged Readings open to the public on Saturday, September 2nd.


  • August 29th through September 1st.

  • Marilyn Monroe Theatre in West Hollywood, California.

  • 12 Participating Actors.

  • Actors must apply to be selected.

  • Actors must be available for the full workshop.

  • Cost $600 (non-refundable).

  • Workshop will be available to observers.

  • Observer cost $100 per day or $300 for 4 days. (non-refundable).


  • Actor Applications Close - JULY 23rd

  • Acceptance Notification - AUG 4th

  • Participants Payment Due - AUGUST 10th

  • Observer Payment - TILL SOLD OUT

Workshop Schedule:

Tuesday - Friday

  • 10am - 1pm - Morning Session

  • 1pm -2pm - Lunch

  • 2pm - 6pm - Afternoon Session


  • 5pm - Public Staged Readings of Original Shorts

  • 8pm - Public Staged Reading of Original Full Length


*Venue is available for actors to rehearse outside of schedule between 9am-10pm.

Workshop Expectations:

Every actor will have the chance to work with Mr. Shanley everyday. This workshop is designed not only to provide an opportunity for actors to work with John but also to use their talents in exploring new material with the writer and director. Actors will be provided the material after payment is received. You are not required to be 'off book' but should have read every play and be familiar with all the characters. Actors will be assigned the plays they will work on at the end of each day. The venue has made rehearsal rooms available to the actors to use before or after workshop hours if you would like.

During the workshop, you may work on all the plays, you may work on only 2, you may be asked to gender swap, or to explore in ways you may think is far outside the 'character.' The workshop is designed for deep character exploration and expression with guidance from John. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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