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Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train

2018   |   Stephen Adly Guirgis   |  Directed by Paul Rush

"Regardless of how close we may think we are to someone else, we have very little control over their choices, and absolutely zero responsibility for the consequences those choices bring on them..."


Recently detainee Angel Cruz is held at Rikers Island for shooting a religious leader who brainwashed and stole his friend. He meets Lucius, a prisoner awaiting extradition to Florida- where he casually killed eight people while paranoid and high on drugs.  Pressure builds as Angel is forced to face man’s justice, as enacted by prison guards- good-natured D’Amico and hard-nosed Valdez, and God’s justice as preached to him by Lucius. Meanwhile public defender Mary Jane Hanrahan tries to help Angel navigate the justice system while battling her own moral ambiguity. The arguments take shape and come to a head as Angel, Lucious and Mary Jane must face life’s inevitable end.

Starring: Gerald James, Victor Manso, Hilty Bowen, Eddie Alfano, and Todd Harrison

Jesus Hopped the A Train - trailer
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