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The Effect

by Jackie Jandrell

Her Art

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The Effect Painting.png

Inspired while working on the play 'The Effect,' actress and artist Jackie Jandrell painted this stunningly powerful painting. Complete the form below and bid to own this original artwork. Jandrell's artwork has been featured in numerous galleries, magazines, tv shows, movies, and now can be featured in your home!

The Effect is 40.5"x40.5", framed and ready to ship around the world. Shipping is included in bidding price. All proceeds will go to supporting the Sixty-Six Productions mission statement.


Jackie Art.jpeg

A self-taught artist who currently resides in Los Angeles. Originally from South Africa, and later London. She eventually moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career. During her spare time from acting she began painting to fuel a creative outlet for the world she was seeing. This outlet eventually grew and developed into another passion that co-exists with her acting career.

She works intuitively; exploring different ways to create abstract forms, negative space, and inherent energy through color and texture. Her art doesn't hold to symmetrical forms, and by doing so her paintings have a sense of balance and order in the same way one's dreams and passions my live in them.

Her artworks has been featured in many films, tv shows, and magazines, including:

The Affair HBO (Tv)

Insecure HBO (Tv)

Dear White People Netflix(Tv)

Space Jam 2 (Film)

L Word Showtime (Tv)

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