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The Effect

2022   |   Lucy Prebble  |  Directed by Kymberly Harris | Produced by Trina Chan

Connie and Tristan hang on the edge of desperation and hope as they struggle with the madness of love. They come from very different worlds to participate in an antidepressant drug trial. When the lines of reality blur with the realities of love, their worlds collide with the doctors that are in charge of the experiment.

Starring: Leah Verrill, John Ruby, Jakki Jandrell, and Paul Rush

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What the press is saying!

‘The Effect is L.A. intimate theater at its most thrillingly, arrestingly effective.’ - StageScene LA

‘Paul Rush delivers one of the most electrifying performances I’ve seen this past year opposite a captivating, compelling Jackie Jandrell in Sixty-Six Productions’ Los Angeles Premiere of Lucy Prebble’s The Effect.’ - StageScene LA

‘Kymberly Harris does a phenomenal job directing!’ - LA Theatre Bites

‘Kymberly Harris directs with confidence and flair, and she is rewarded with four terrific performances, in particular Rush’s spellbinding star turn as Tristan, whose romantic, sexual chemistry with Jandrell’s sizzling but vulnerable Connie is quite simply off the charts.’ - Steven Stanley

"Leah Verrill as Dr. Lorna James acts as the anchor, delivering both subtle and overt cues of brilliance with each scene."

"Verrill and Ruby provide topnotch support throughout, she as a psychiatrist whose stability may be as fragile as her test subjects’ (Verrill’s dark turn in Act Two is a stunner) and he as a man whose insides might not match his GQ exterior."

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